Through our Procurement team we implement a fair and robust sourcing and selection process to the procure the goods and services required to ensure the smooth running of our organisation.

Big or small, local or international, we understand a diverse set of suppliers is critical to our ongoing success. We endeavour to partner with vendors that support our organisation to effectively, efficiently and sustainably deliver our business activities.


All suppliers must adhere to our organisational health and safety policies and code of conduct. A pre-qualification process based on a strict set of qualifying criteria is used to mitigate risk based on the scope of supply.

Terms and conditions

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information on working with Senex.

Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

NOTE: These standard terms and conditions apply to purchase orders issued to you by Senex unless you and Senex have signed an alternative agreement that applies to the purchase orders.

General Procurement enquiry

If you have a question about the procurement and contracts process, please use the contact us form and select the Work with us option.