Protecting the waterhole

Senex has partnered with Natural Resources SA Arid Lands, a division of the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, to construct a cattle exclusion fence. The fence will protect the highly sensitive Cullyamurra waterhole (pictured) in the Innamincka Regional Reserve in the Cooper Basin, South Australia.

The waterhole, located in an arid environment, holds water year-round and is an area of high conservation value and cultural significance. The fence protects the waterhole and the wildlife it supports from grazing pressure and the impacts of cattle and horses on the sensitive environment.

“Often people don’t realise how much damage cattle can cause around waterholes. Cullyamurra waterhole is reported to be Australia’s largest billabong and restoring this area is an important objective for Senex.” Senex Environment Manager Trina Jensen

Senex supports local species protection

Senex supports the innovative Wild Deserts project – a research partnership to understand, restore and promote desert ecosystems along the area bordering South Australia and New South Wales.

Stage one involved ecologists and researchers building two enclosures, covering 40sq km, to re‑introduce seven threatened mammal species to an area safe from predators such as cats and foxes, and to restrict rabbits. In stage two, controlled numbers of feral predators were re-introduced to a ‘wild training zone’ to improve the native mammals’ survival skills.