Drought-proofing in the Maranoa

Under a 10-year agreement, Senex has installed a modern irrigation scheme to provide long-term water supply and drought-proof grazing land in the Maranoa region in Queensland.

The irrigation scheme uses water produced from Senex natural gas wells at Roma North to irrigate 100ha of pasture used by landholder Trevor Kehl to feed around 300 cattle.

The project uses data from ground probes to add treatments to the soil at appropriate rates to maintain soil structure; and includes ongoing advice from irrigation and agricultural specialists to ensure the program’s long-term sustainability.

Senex’s water supply agreement will effectively drought-proof Mr Kehl’s grazing operations for 10 years.

Click on the picture below to watch Trevor tell the story of his partnership with Senex.

“Having water during dry times will be huge for us. Being able to grow crops means we can improve the quality of our cattle to sell at feedlots for a higher price than at auction. We’re very appreciative to Senex for choosing the little guy to work with – Maranoa grazier Trevor Kehl

Protecting threatened Koalas and Yakka Skinks

Habitat for threatened Koalas and Yakka Skinks is improving at the Apple Tree Creek environmental offset site, about 100km north‑west of Roma.

Local landholders manage the 168ha woodland area, which is linked to the Merivale River – a recognised riparian biodiversity corridor – and Oakvale State Forest.

The offset will continue to contribute to improving biodiversity values in Queensland.