Environmentally responsible

Senex holds itself to the highest environmental standards, minimising our impacts and operating to strict state and federal regulations.

Senex has an exceptional record for operating as an environmentally responsible company. This spans our approach to environmental management in our day-to-day operations and our commitment to safe and responsible development of natural gas projects.

You can read about Senex’s environmental performance in our latest annual report.

Supporting environmental programs

Senex is proud to be working in partnership to protect the environment, restore and promote ecosystems and improve biodiversity values in Queensland and South Australia.

Read about our support of environmental programs.

Our position on climate change

Senex supports the objective of limiting global temperature rises well below 2 degrees Celsius.

Our role is to provide access to affordable and reliable energy that contributes to economic growth in the context of sustainable development and a low-carbon future.

We believe that natural gas will continue to play an integral role in the energy mix within a low-carbon future.

Read more about our approach to climate change

Delivering in the Surat Basin

Minimising our environmental impacts and operating to strict state and federal regulations is an important requirement in delivering gas from any of our projects.

Read more about our Environmental Approvals progress in the Surat Basin