Environmental Performance

No serious reportable environmental incidents occurred across any of Senex’s operations during FY18. In the FY18 period we focused on maintaining and improving environmental management at our well-established Cooper Basin operations, and on progressing environmental approvals and implementing a strong environmental management framework for our Surat Basin projects.

Inspections and notices

  • The environment team conducted 28 environmental inspections and audits across the Surat and Cooper Basins during the 2018 financial year.
  • Five inspections were conducted by Queensland and South Australian regulators.
  • No environmental improvement or infringement notices were issued.

Spills and incidents

  • The total volume of environmental spills continues to reduce, with 72 litres recorded in FY18 against 217 litres in FY17.
  • Incidents were immediately addressed through containment and remediation. These results reflect process improvements and continued robust internal reporting. Spill response and prevention processes were reviewed and updated as part of continuous improvement.