Senex strives to be a good neighbour and an active member of our communities. We create local jobs and business opportunities, and work with community organisations, arts and education providers to support vibrant regional communities.

Our sponsorships, donations and partnerships are focused on initiatives that help support liveability, boost economic development, deliver quality education and improve access to health services.

We are proud to work with community organisations and other local partners to support and build sustainable, thriving communities.
Senex considers the following types of community investment:

  • Donation: A financial or in-kind contribution (in the form of volunteering, services or materials) made to a non-profit organisation, charity or private foundation (usually) without seeking any business benefit;
  • Sponsorship: A financial contribution in support of an event, activity, or organisation for which Senex can expect positive recognition in return. Benefits to Senex may include the display of Senex branding or verbal, written and visual acknowledgement; or
  • Partnership: where Senex joins with an organisation(s) to deliver an activity that benefits the community or a targeted sector of the community. It is expected partners will raise/contribute some of the required funds.

Applications for a donation, sponsorship or partnership can be made by completing a Community Investment Program Application Form.

Online application form

Download the Community Investment Program application form

Applications are considered on their merit and in the context of available funds. Priority is given to activities or initiatives that support our operations and/or the communities in which we operate.

Senex may approve or reject an application at its sole discretion. Senex aims to advise applicants of its decision within 30 days of receipt of an eligible application.

Please note there are certain organisations and activities that Senex will not generally support under its Community Investment Program. These include:

  • commercial organisations
  • religious activities, but doesn’t exclude the provision of welfare or other appropriate activities by religious organisations.
  • political organisations or campaigns
  • activities that may be considered disruptive to the community and/or could negatively impact Senex’s reputation.