Senex strives to be a good neighbour and an active member of the communities where we work.

Part of our mission is to build quality relationships with our customers, partners and stakeholders.

Every year we work hard to understand what’s important to our stakeholders and prioritise initiatives that will help us coexist and collaborate successfully in the longer term.

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Sharing the benefits with local business

Thriving local economies are good for rural and regional towns and our business, providing jobs for local people and a broader range of suppliers for Senex. We buy goods and services from businesses in local communities wherever possible; and strongly encourage our contractors to do the same.

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Senex in the community

Flourishing community organisations in rural and regional areas, where Senex people live and work, benefit us all. We are proud to help enhance local communities by supporting education, health, the performing arts, sporting and other community initiatives.

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Corporate partnerships

Strong partnerships support the safety, wellbeing and development of the people and communities we work with. Senex has committed funding through corporate partnerships with these organisations who provide important services and opportunities to help keep communities strong.

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Supporting Indigenous engagement

Senex has positive and mutually beneficial relationships with traditional custodians of the land. We engage with Traditional Owners to protect heritage sites and ensure our workplaces are culturally aware. We also formally recognise the skills and knowledge of Indigenous people and their heritage, culture and connection to the land through our Indigenous Engagement Policy.

Working with our landholders

Senex strives to be a good partner and neighbour. We work respectfully and constructively with landholders, with whom we have relationships over many years. We take time to understand agricultural operations on properties and we work together on the location of infrastructure. We meet and, where possible, go beyond the mandatory requirements designed to ensure landholders’ rights are respected. In this way, farming and our natural gas operations can continue side by side for many years.

Seeking opportunity through collaboration

Alongside our industry counterparts, we continue to be an active participant in industry and government forums and contribute submissions for key legislative reviews and deliberations – as a company and as a member of the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association and Queensland Resources Council. Increasingly, our priority is to make a more powerful case for our industry, addressing misinformation head-on, to ensure natural gas is recognised for the important part that it will continue to play in the energy mix and as part of a low-carbon economy.