Senex is delivering on its purpose to provide vital energy that sustains and improves lives.

As an Australian low-carbon natural gas producer with a focus on domestic supply, we aim to provide reliable and affordable natural gas safely and responsibly.

Our mission to deliver what we promise, protect our people and the environment, build quality relationships with our stakeholders, attract and retain talented people, and create value for our investors, has been at the core of what we do for years and underpins our approach to sustainability.

We consider economic, environmental and social factors to be of critical importance for a sustainable future and in balancing the short and long-term interests of all our stakeholders.

We are committed to sharing our performance, setting clear aspirations and targets, reporting transparently and continuously maturing our approach.

To reflect this commitment, Senex will release our first standalone annual Sustainability Report aligned with global standards later this year. This report will provide a comprehensive overview of our sustainability governance and management approach as well as our performance in 2021 across key focus areas.

You can read an overview of our sustainability focus and achievements in 2021 in our latest Annual Report