The Western Surat Gas Project involves the delivery of coal seam gas from an area spanning approximately 915 square kilometres of Senex permits, north of Roma in Queensland. 

Project Status

  • Senex completed the first pilot on the Glenora block in December 2016, and commenced appraisal testing in 2017
  • Senex sanctioned a $50 million investment program in February 2017 to further appraise the acreage:
    • Drilling of 30 wells on Glenora and Eos blocks (eastern area of the project)
    • Construction of gas and water handling infrastructure
    • Appraisal activities west of Eos block

Senex is progressing towards full field development and has a near term focus on:

  • Expanded appraisal program in areas adjacent to Glenora and Eos
  • Working towards investment decision on sales gas infrastructure and next phase of drilling
  • Delivery of financing strategy for overall project development
  • Securing regulatory and environmental approvals

Senex is committed to working closely with all stakeholders, including landholders, Native Title holders, community, industry and government.

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Agreements with GLNG

In September 2015, Senex announced that it had entered into agreements with GLNG for the development of the Project, and in December 2015 Senex completed the sale transaction with GLNG. The agreements include:

  • The sale of a small portion of Senex acreage to GLNG (known as the Maisey block)
  • A 20-year binding gas sales agreement to supply up to 50 TJ/day to GLNG
  • Potential sharing of infrastructure facilities
  • Data sharing including ongoing access to subsurface and production data from the adjacent Roma field (Santos operated)

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Key Project Facts

  • Ownership: Senex Energy 100% and operator
  • Location: 30 km north of Roma, Queensland
  • Project Area: approximately 915 sq km
  • Target gas production: up to 50 terajoules / day
  • First wells online: end 2016 (pilot program)
  • Permits: ATP 795, ATP 767 and part of ATP 889
  • Surat Basin Gas Reserves (net to Senex): 2P reserves 74.4 mmboe (438 PJ); 1P reserves 13.8 mmboe (81 PJ)

Western Surat Gas Project area map (PDF)

Areas and figures are as at 30 June 2017

In converting petajoules to million barrels of oil equivalent, Senex has applied a conversion rate of 1 mmboe = 5.880 PJ