In 2014, Senex led the launch of the first night-vision capable helicopter to operate in the Cooper Basin. Cooper Medivac 24 is a vital link that saves time delivering critically-ill patients to the Royal Flying Doctor Service at the nearest available airstrip.

Senex collaborated with Drillsearch to pool resources and fund Cooper Medivac 24, improving safety for all people who live, work and travel in the remote region.

Cooper Medivac 24 can fly both day and night because it is equipped with night vision goggles that allow it to fly 24 hours a day (weather permitting).

The service complements and enhances the existing 24/7 emergency response capabilities of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and was developed in consultation with the aeromedical service.

Cooper Medivac 24 is operated by Heliwest and is based in Moomba, and is serviced by two full time Registered Nurse / Registered Midwife.