March 6, 2019

Senex Energy Managing Director and CEO Ian Davies today said all participants in the natural
gas value chain had a responsibility to work together for the benefit of consumers and the

Mr Davies, speaking at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference, said collaboration was essential among
producers, infrastructure providers, financiers, customers, governments and local communities.

“Customers have an obligation to step up as part of that value chain and work with upstream producers,
infrastructure providers and government,” Mr Davies said.

“They play a critical role in accepting gas contracts when they make sense.

“Producers also need to work with customers to provide contracts that make sense and to ensure that there are
win-win outcomes.”

Mr Davies contrasted the gas industry in New South Wales, where the Opposition has promised to stop that
state’s only major gas project, with the progressive approach in Queensland.

“What’s happened in Queensland over the past 10 years is a stunning effort and shows what can come from the
co-operative combination of government, industry, contractors and host communities.

“Let me commend the Palaszczuk Government, in particular, and indeed, governments that have come before.
“This government has done the heavy lifting for the domestic market by dedicating new gas acreage for east
coast supply – a first for Australia.”

Mr Davies said independent small and mid-tier natural gas producers like Senex were another important part of
the solution to increase gas supply to the domestic market.

“We’re seeing the benefits to the domestic gas market of having a healthy group of independent producers, both
large and small,” he said.

“Together with the LNG projects in Queensland, without which the vast Queensland coal seam gas resources
would never have been developed, producers are playing their part.”

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