John joined the Senex board in March 2016. He is a career Geoscientist who has undertaken a broad range of exploration related responsibilities in the global oil and gas industry, and has been involved in locating, assessing and optimising prospective opportunities around the world. In recent years, John founded Insight Exploration, a consultancy providing technical and business services to the international petroleum exploration industry. John has 34 years of global petroleum industry experience including with BP Exploration in the United Kingdom and internationally.

At BP he held senior technical and leadership positions involving exploration, appraisal and development, before moving on to senior positions with substantial oil and gas companies including Oil Search Ltd, Roc Oil Company Ltd, LASMO plc and Eni Pakistan Ltd. John is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow of the Geological Society of London and serves on the External Advisory Board for Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience at the University of Leeds. John is also a member of the Senex people and remuneration committee.

Other Australian Listed Company Directorships in the last 3 years: Oil Search (ASX:OSL) – current; Imperial Oil and Gas Ltd (ASX:EEG) – current.