Our suppliers must comply with Senex’’s health and safety policies and Code of Conduct.  A supplier’s’ management systems must also be robust, which is assessed through pre-qualification processes tailored to the level of risk given the scope of supply.

As part of its pre-qualification process, Senex operates an online Supplier Registration and Prequalification System (SPS) for vendors wishing to register to provide Senex with goods or services. The SPS ensures your company details and capabilities are kept up to date and assists Senex’’s overall pre-qualification process. 

It is Senex’’s preference that its suppliers register with Achilles.

Senex and the wider oil and gas community uses ‘Achilles’ to manage the SPS for which there are three levels of registration:

  • Level 1 – Senex SPS: Registration is mandatory for all future vendors and is free of charge.
  • Level 2 – Achilles First Point Supplybase (FPS): Gives Senex the ability to assess important information about your company and is preferred for vendors seeking to provide medium risk goods or services. Vendors will be asked to pay fees for Level 2 registration.
  • Level 3 – Achilles FPS Audits: Vendors wanting to provide high risk goods or services will also be required to undergo an Achilles audit process. An additional fee applies for level 3 registration.

By joining the Achilles FPS (level 2 or 3) you will be marketing your business to a broader range of oil and gas companies in the FPS community. This does not guarantee any level of business.

If you are already registered in the Achilles FPS to either Level 2 or Level 3 there is no need to re-register to the same level for the same commodities or services.

If you are already registered for another FPS community member, but only to Level 1, then you will need to register in the Senex SPS specifically.

Register your company  Senex SPS

Read our Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

*These standard terms and conditions apply to purchase orders issued to you by Senex unless you and Senex have signed an alternative agreement that applies to the purchase orders.

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