$ means Australian dollars unless otherwise stated

1P means proved reserves in accordance with the SPE PRMS

2P means proved plus probable reserves in accordance with the SPE PRMS

3P means proved plus probable plus possible reserves in accordance with the SPE PRMS

2C means the best estimate scenario of contingent resources in accordance with the SPE PRMS

ASX means the Australian Securities Exchange operated by ASX Limited ACN 008 624 691

ATP means authority to prospect granted under the Petroleum Act 1923 (Qld) or the Petroleum Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 (Qld)

AVO means Amplitude Versus Offset; an enhanced seismic interpretation technique using the changes in seismic reflection amplitude with change in distance between shot point and receiver to determine rock-type and fluid content

Barrel/bbl means the standard unit of measurement for all oil and condensate production. One barrel = 159 litres or 35 imperial gallons

Beach means Beach Energy Limited ABN 20 007 617 969

boe means barrels of oil equivalent, the volume of hydrocarbons expressed in terms of the volume of oil which would contain an equivalent volume of energy

bopd means barrels of oil per day

Contingent resources means those quantities of petroleum estimated to be potentially recoverable from known accumulations by application of development projects but which are not currently considered to be commercially recoverable due to one or more contingencies, as defined in the SPE PRMS

Cooper Basin means the sedimentary geological basin of upper Carboniferous to middle Triassic age in north east South Australia and south west Queensland

Cooper-Eromanga Basin means the Cooper Basin and the overlying Eromanga Basin within the limits of the Cooper Basin

CSG means coal seam gas where gas is stored within coal deposits or seams

DST means drill stem test

EBTIDA / EBITDAX means earnings before tax interest depreciation amortisation / and exploration expense

EIP means the Senex Employee Incentive Plan

Eromanga Basin means the Mesozoic sedimentary basin covering parts of Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia and New South Wales

ESG means environmental, social and governance risks

ESP means electric submersible pump

Exploration means drilling, seismic or technical studies to identify and evaluate regions or prospects with the potential to contain hydrocarbons

FY means financial year

Gross pay means the overall interval in which hydrocarbons are present in a well

GSA means gas sales agreement

HSE means health safety and environment

JV means joint venture

KMP means key management personnel. KMP are those people who have authority and responsibility for planning, directing, and controlling the activities of the company, either directly or indirectly, and include the Company’s directors

KPI means key performance indicator

LNG means liquefied natural gas, which is natural gas that has been liquefied by refrigeration for storage or transportation

LPG means liquefied petroleum gas

LTI means long term incentive

Market capitalisation means the Company’s market value at a given date and is calculated as the number of shares on issue multiplied by the closing share price on that given date

mbbls means thousand barrels

mmbbls means million barrels

mmboe means million barrels of oil equivalent

mscf/day means thousand standard cubic feet per day

mmscf/d means million standard cubic feet per day

Net pay means the smaller portions of the gross pay that meet local criteria for pay; porosity, permeability and hydrocarbon saturation parameters such that the reservoir is capable of producing hydrocarbons

NPAT means net profit after tax

OGIP means original gas in place

Oil means a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons of different molecular weights

Origin means Origin Energy Limited ABN 22 078 868 425

Pedirka Basin means the Paleozoic intracratonic sedimentary basin located primarily in South Australia and the Northern Territory and possibly extending into Queensland

PEL means a petroleum exploration licence granted under the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000 (SA)

PELA means an application for a PEL

Petroleum Act means the Petroleum Act 1923 (Qld), the Petroleum Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 (Qld) or the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000 (SA) as relevant

PJ means petajoule

PL means a petroleum lease granted under the Petroleum Act 1923 (Qld) or the Petroleum Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 (2004)

Planet means Planet Gas Limited ABN 46 098 952 035

PPL means a petroleum production licence granted under the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000 (SA)

PRL means petroleum retention licence granted under the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000 (SA)

Production is the volume of hydrocarbons produced in production operations (including extended production testing)

RRR means reserves placement ratio which is calculated as the summation of estimated reserves additions and revisions divided by estimated production for the period before acquisitions and divestments

Reserve means commercially recoverable resources which have been justified for development, as defined in the SPE PRMS

SACB JV means the South Australian Cooper Basin Joint Venture which involves Santos (as operator), Beach and Origin

Sales volumes are equal to production less volumes of hydrocarbons consumed in operations (fuel, flare, vent and other shrinkage) and inventory movements

Santos means Santos Limited ABN 98 008 624 691

Senex means Senex Energy Limited ABN 50 008 942 827

Senior Executive means a senior executive member of the Company’s management team, apart from the CEO, who was a member of the company’s KMP at any time in FY15

SPE PRMS means the Petroleum Resources Management System 2007, published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers

STI means short term incentive

Stuart means Stuart Petroleum Pty Ltd (formerly Stuart Petroleum Limited)

Surat Basin means the sedimentary geological basin of Jurassic to Cretaceous age in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales

tcf means trillion cubic feet of gas

TFR means total fixed remuneration and it is the base component of each Senex employee’s remuneration (principally annual salary and superannuation contributions) which is not at risk

TRIFR means total recordable injury frequency rate

TSR means total shareholder return

USD means United States dollars

VWAP means volume weighted average price