Senex Energy Limited is an S&P/ASX 200 energy company with more than a quarter of a century of experience in Australia's oil and gas industry.

Formerly known as Victoria Petroleum NL, Senex Energy Limited (ASX: SXY) draws on a rich history in the exploration and development of oil and gas resources. Since listing on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1984, the company has earned a reputation for resilience and a deep understanding of the Australian oil and gas industry.

The company was transformed in 2010

  • The Board appointed a new management team to rejuvenate the business and focus on its valuable acreage on Australia's east coast.
  • The company changed its name to Senex Energy Limited and moved its registered office from Perth to Brisbane.
  • The business announced bold growth strategies to increase oil production, deliver new oil and gas reserves and establish an unconventional gas resource in the Cooper Basin.

The name "Senex Energy Limited" reflects the company's new direction

"Senex" was chosen for its allusions to wisdom and sound judgement. It acknowledges the long-history of the business and recognises that future success will be based on a strong direction and smart choices.

The word "Energy" was a deliberate inclusion. It reinforces the diversified nature and underlying strength of the business' interests in oil and gas resources.

In addition to the rebranding, shareholders voted to change the company's status from a "No Liability" company to one that was "Limited" by shares.